Footagevault has mysteriously ceased trading

Footagevault, the film and video restoration company that digitized the 16 mm footage shown in Moonscape, no longer exists. This poses substantial problems for the development and updating of the Moonscape project.

I became aware of this recently, when I tried to get in touch with Footagevault on behalf of a French documentary company interested in obtaining the raw footage that I used for Moonscape.

The Footagevault.com site is closed. Archive.org has archived copies indicating normal trading up to April 30, 2013; the next archived copy, dated May 17, 2013, only shows these words:

Due to the commencement of legal proceedings against Footagevault Limited
and the officers of the company, the Footagevault website and other
associated IT services have been indefinitely suspended.

Officers of Footagevault Limited
Managing Director: Dr / Prof Christopher Riley
Company Secretary: Jacqui Farnham

All enquiries are now handled by Corp Legal Services, email london@corplegalservices.com

According to Companies House britannica, Footagevault Ltd, Company no. 06153564, was closed due to “insolvency” and “voluntary liquidation” on April 19, 2017, due to a wind-up procedure which began on September 16, 2014.

This closure appears to be linked to the fact that “Difficulties arose due to a dispute between the director and a former employee which led to the Company's website being shut down making ongoing trade untenable”.

More information is at Collectspace (2013). Wikipedia's entry for Footagevault is here. The company’sTwitter account is inactive since 2010.

Chris Riley, former director of Footagevault, currently has a website at www.chris-riley.net.

What does this mean for Moonscape? Basically two things: I can no longer purchase any additional Apollo 11 footage from Footagevault (and therefore expansion of the documentary will be a challenge) and the copyright status of the raw footage I purchased from Footagevault is uncertain (but there shouldn’t be any issue with the edited and processed version of the footage shown in Moonscape).

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